At Silver Star Chevrolet, we do more for our customers so that they get to truly enjoy the car buying process. One way that we do is by providing expert auto finance help in Thousand Oaks so that car shoppers feel confident in their decision. We're here to answer any auto finance questions you have, and one that we see a lot is whether financing or leasing your next vehicle is the right option. The answer is different for every car shopper, so, below, we highlight the differences between leasing and financing and the benefits of each.

Benefits of Leasing a New Chevy Near Oxnard

As more drivers turn to leasing, we receive more questions about the process. Leasing is a great auto finance option for many drivers, and we make leasing a Chevy model near Simi Valley simple. During the lease process, you don't actually own the vehicle, but you get to drive it for a set amount of miles each year, and you often pay less upfront and each month than if you bought the same model. Leasing is also more flexible, and if you enjoy changing out models every few years, this auto finance option is certainly the easier way to do so.

Benefits of Financing Your Vehicle Near Camarillo

Still, most drivers choose to finance their vehicles, and there are several reasons for doing so. First off, most drivers want to own their car, truck, or SUV and make modifications to it, which you can't do with a lease. Buying your new Chevy near Calabasas is also more affordable over the long term because once you pay it off, you don't have any other costs other than repairs. And, buying is still fairly flexible as you can choose to sell your vehicle at any point!

So, both options come with their own pros and cons, and if questions remain, you can always reach out to our Chevy finance center to get the answers you need before making a decision!

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